Haus Juris German Shepherds

United Schutzhund Clubs of America Breed Warden Requirements

1998 SV Requirements for Breed Wardens

FUNCTION: Responsible for the proper maintenance of all German Shepherd Dogs within a local club or a Region.

Provides guidance to the novice breeder in regards to the selection of partners and provides overall basic information to those who are seeking knowledge.

Maintains close, cordial relationship with all breeders of German Shepherd Dogs within the framework of a local club or a Region.

1. When invited by a breeder, the Breed Warden shall visit the breeder to ascertain the number, sex and color of all German Shepherd puppies in a litter (First Visit: 3-10 days after birth; Second Visit: 7-8 weeks after birth).

2. Ensures that all puppies are free of dewclaws and conform to the guidelines of the Standard of the German Shepherd Dog (No whites, blues and crippled puppies).

3. Verifies that mother and puppies are in good physical condition and are of a healthy constitution.

4. During the second visit the Breed Warden verifies that puppies have been raised in accordance with the suggested guidelines issued by United Schutzhund Clubs of America.

5. Geographical areas of responsibilities are the domiciles of the breeders of the club who elected the Breed Warden or by assignment from the Region. A Breed Warden should not interfere with the responsibilities of another Breed Warden from another club or Region, unless specifically requested, of course, by the breeder or the Regional Director.

6. Maintains statistical information to assist the Registry in all inquiries.

7. Ensures that the highest level of integrity regarding the Standard is being maintained and that all prospective as well as experienced breeders are being treated equally.

8. Stays abreast in breed and training matters of the German Shepherd Dog.

The position of Breed Warden is a highly responsible elected function and should be accepted only by members who have demonstrated leadership, who are knowledgeable with the Standard of the German Shepherd Dog. Breed Wardens must be cognizant of the fact that they are the link between our Registry and the breeder of German Shepherd Dogs who wish to register the offspring with us.

The position should be an elected position within a USA club. Should there be an insufficient amount of experienced personnel, the Region can and should elect the necessary personnel for the Region.,

It is understood that all Breed Wardens will visit conformation as well as training events on a regular basis to stay abreast of all breed matters.

The Breed Advisory Committee shall have the responsibility of providing guidance and leadership as well as assistance.

The USA office will, of course, provide all the necessary forms and tools for the Registry.

It must be understood that the Breed Warden acts in behalf of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America and is functionally responsible to the organization via the Breed Advisory Committee.

All Breed Wardens must use utmost discretion and diplomacy when dealing with breeders as well as the public to ascertain functional success of our program.

They must always be aware that it is the breeder's choice with whom they wish to mate their bitch. The reverse is true for stud dog owners.

The Breed Warden oversees that all rules and regulation pertaining to the Registry are being adhered to by breeders as well as stud dog owners, that cleanliness is being maintained wherever puppies are being kept and that only healthy German Shepherd Dogs will find entry in the Registry.

If proper tact and diplomacy is being displayed, a great many German Shepherd Dog fans will avail themselves of our Registry.

The Breed Warden should maintain a low profile at all times and treat all litter verification in a confidential way.

In no way shall the Breed Warden evaluate puppies as to conformation as well as other aspects. The Breed Warden simply verifies that there are a certain number of German Shepherd Dog puppies who are healthy and are of certain sexes and colors and markings. The number of puppies and sexes must, of course, coincide on both visits.

The Breed Warden will not receive monetary rewards other than paid mileage for the services rendered. A Breed Warden must not earn a substantial portion of his/her income from selling/buying and dealing in dogs, dog accessories such as food, etc. (Substantial portion 50% or more).

The approval of Breed Wardens is the responsibility of the Regional Director. The Regional Director must send notice of approval to the Breed Advisory Committee Chairperson within 14 days. The Breed Wardens serve at the pleasure of the Breed Advisory Committee.

The name of a local Breed Warden is obtainable from the USA office.