Haus Juris German Shepherds


Dear Megan,

I just thought that you should know how thankful that I am that I found you and Haus Juris. First, I wanted to thank you for helping me start my show career with my pup Alexander. I know that I purchased him elsewhere but without you I do not believe that we would have had a chance in the show ring. You took us under your wings. I thank you for those countless hours of ring training in the rain and the humid heat. Your patience with us was incredible. Thank you for spending hours in the early morning and late evening to make sure that we were ready for each show that we entered. Thanks for explaining each aspect of the show from grooming a German Shepherds coat properly to double handling in the ring.


Thank you so much for selling me Kaliegh in my quest for the perfect pup. She is smart, beautiful and she has a wonderful temperament. I look forward to a successful show career with her also.  


Megan I have watched you with your gorgeous dogs. Your passion for breeding the perfect German Shepherd is evident. You breed to produce a healthy, beautiful GSD with sound temperament. Your compassion for your clients is unbelievable. You provide all the knowledge to anyone who wants it. You give them your heart. Your kennel is immaculate. I truly commend you on setting such high standards in the dog world. You are an amazing woman, breeder, and trainer. You are truly unbelievable! I will never forget you and your knowledge that you have given to me and my dogs. I could never repay you for all that you have given to us. Please know that we appreciate you.

Thank you,


We want to share our experiences with Megan Judge and Haus Juris German Shepherd Kennels. In 2009 we talked about someday getting another puppy. We began searching the internet for breeders and the search was a little more difficult than expected because we were determined to get an all German bred male puppy that was black and red. Our searches took us to various breeders but in most of our conversations with the breeder’s one thing almost always came up. They were using a stud dog from Haus Juris German Shepherd Kennels in Nokesville, VA. Using the internet I found Haus Juris and stopped looking anywhere else.

I called and spoke to Megan and was immediately impressed with her knowledge & love of the German breed standard. It took us a while to make the trek from Central Florida to Nokesville, VA but we finally made it happen in October 2011. Upon arrival we were greeted by a member from Megan’s staff and shortly were joined by Megan and Olivia. After about 30 minutes they introduced us to the most beautiful GSD we had ever seen, Kloud vom Solebrunnen. Immediately we knew where our new puppy was coming from.

On December 19, 2011 we came back and picked our new puppy from 3 beautiful males. The decision was ours entirely and we made our choice. Today we have the most beautiful boy named Axel vom Haus Juris. He is a Kloud / Maggie puppy and is everything we had imagined. The hardest thing about having him is getting used to people stopping us and saying how beautiful he is. His temperament is perfect and he loves every person he meets and gets along great with other puppies and dogs. He is eager to learn and please and has always exceeded our expectations.

We not only left VA with the perfect puppy but we also brought home several training aids like a playpen, bully sticks and a couple of toys and glad we did. The playpen is the perfect place for your new puppy to relax and play with those toys or to just lay back and chew on a bully stick. Let’s face it puppies have a lot of energy and everyone needs a little break including the puppy. Now he goes into it just to lie down and take a nap. We don’t know what we would have done without it.

If you are thinking of getting a German Shepherd I don’t think you need to look any further than Haus Juris. Her website, www.hausjuris.com, highlights temperament, intelligence, structure & trainability and that is a perfect description of her dogs. One thing I almost failed to mention is how well Megan knows and loves the breed. Anyone can mate 2 dogs and produce puppies but only someone with knowledge of the breed can produce champion quality dogs like Megan Judge and Haus Juris German Shepherd Kennels.

John & Debbie McIntosh, Maggie and Axel


We just cannot thank you enough for including her in the show. She is so happy and truly looks forward to go to work every day whether it's training or work. I don't know what she's going to do with herself now that the training for the show is over!!! As you know she graduates this year and her only thought is that she wants to work with German shepherds. To be able to do something she loves is so important in life (as I'm sure you know better then anyone) Olivia said to me a few weeks ago how sorry she felt for friends who had jobs at the mall or restaurants. I asked her why and she said because #1. They are just doing a job for money and #2. They don't have a 2nd family like I do at Haus Juris. I asked her what she meant and she said everyone there really cares about each other. So this certainly says something about the environment you have created and we are so thankful that Olivia is a part of this.

Kim and Jon

"Rocky" Rocket vom Haus JurisRocky

Rocky is a purebred West German Showline German Shepherd trained as a seizure alert/response dog. This past winter his handler went outside for a brief moment and he had Rocky with him off lead. He forgot Rocky's special cell phone inside the house. He had a "drop seizure" near the road and when he came out of the seizure he suffered head and hip injuries and he was unable to move his legs. The temperature was -10F and Rocky remained with his handler as he was trained to do. Rocky was wearing his Palisades Ruff Wear vest. His handler used the handle on the vest and Rocky pulled him for over 50 feet through the ice and snow to the house,opened the door, pulled him inside and he then used the special cell phone to call for assistance then family members arrived. Rocky is adored by every person he meets and he loves every person he comes in contact with. Rocky is his handler's "Rock Star."

Rocky was trained by Seizure Alert Dogs for Life, Inc.

Pastor Fr. Chuck McCoart Brock


"In short, Brock is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! Born on Palm Sunday, 2007 (or April Fools Day for you heathens!) I brought Brock home here to Good Shepherd at eight weeks of age and 18 pounds. Now Brock is nearly two years of age and over 100 pounds and is quite honestly the perfect companion I never knew I needed!

Any success I have had in raising Brock to be a good Christian young dog I owe to the skilled Monks of New Skete whose two books set me on the right path for bringing a puppy into our parish life. If you are considering bringing a pup home I would highly recommend both The Art of Raising a Puppy and How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend. In addition to being great men of God, when it comes to dogs, the Monks know what they’re talking about! If you are interested in a great German shepherd breeder I would highly recommend Megan Judge from Haus Juris who hand picked Brock for me. Megan is awesome..."

Pastor Fr. Chuck McCoart

Cat Needham and Athena


I can't sincerely thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for selling me Athena. I feel in my gut that she saved me Saturday. Please read the story below:

At around 6 p.m. Saturday I decided to run some errands. As you know, at this time of year it's dark outside earlier. Since my errands meant I would have to leave Athena in the car, I hesitated to tell her to join me. But she had already run to the door and was spinning in anticipatory circles, mouth open, eyes shining, so I told her okay. First we went to Blockbuster Video. Athena is always a very good girl in the car; she usually lays down in the back seat and waits patiently for me to come back. We have a ritual greeting when I return to the car; I give her an enthusiastic hello, and out of the window darts a long black snoot, from which I get kisses. After Blockbuster, I decided to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The KFC is in another of the many strip malls clustered off one main road, and it sits at the very end of the stores. It's kind of desolate, I realized-not a lot of people walking around as they are in the middle or front of the strip mall. I found a spot directly in front of the entrance, the last spot in the row, actually. I told Athena to stay, and she again curled up on her side. The only indications that there might be a large dog in my car were the barely distinguishable tips of her pointed ears.

Athena and Santa

I noticed immediately as I walked to the entrance that a young guy walked very quickly in my direction across the parking lot, also in the direction of the entrance. Something about him, I can't really put my finger on what, made alarm bells go off. Although he seemed casually entering the restaurant, not really looking at me, I got the distinct impression that I was part of his focus somehow-I had a sensation of being watched. He was white, but dressed in "gangsta" clothes, including a sideways baseball hat. I'm not an alarmist, who sees any suburban young man dressed that way as a threat. This guy just bothered me. I stood in line to order, and he stood behind me. After my order came out, I picked it up, got my drink, and turned to leave. As I turned to leave, I noticed that he quickly turned, and left the restaurant. It felt like he had been waiting for me, and in a split second I realized that he hadn't ordered any food. I still didn't want to blow something out of proportion, so I rationalized that he wasn't hungry or had been in a hurry. But mentally I was simultaneously calculating how far it was to my car.

I wanted to get to my dog. For the first time since I bought her, I felt an overwhelming urge to get to her. She made me feel safe. I went to my car door and put the key in, watching the young guy who had been in the restaurant. He had gone over to a very old beat up pickup truck and stood talking to an older guy who could have been right out of central casting for an ex-convict. The older guy was disheveled, and was staring intently at me. This wasn't the type of stare that was just harmless ogling. He was staring at me in such a way that I felt very alarmed, like he was mentally picturing doing horrible things to me. He-still looking at me-seemed to point to me with his chin, and the younger guy nodded and turned around and started walking towards my car! But it wasn't a confident confrontational walk, he looked past me almost but I still had the sensation that he had honed in on me. His walk was casual and furtive but definitely in my direction. I truly believe in my gut that he was sent over to a) rob me or b) worse, abduct me. Right then I had the door open and said cheerily, "Hey, girl!" Athena uncoiled herself from the back seat and stood up, placing her front paws on the center console of my car, excitedly sniffing at the bag of chicken I had with me. From over the top of the car, I saw the young man's eyes widen, and he stopped DEAD IN HIS TRACKS. He took one more hesitant step towards me but seemed to think better of it and turned and walked quickly back to the pick up. Before I could do anything, he had jumped into the pickup and he and the older guy sped off.

I went home, called my mom, and my friend Robin. Robin advised me to call the police, so I did. I recounted the story, just in case the next person those two try something with doesn't have a big German Shepherd in her car! So I just wanted to tell everyone this story, because in my heart, I know that my Shepherd girl saved me from harm. I'm glad it didn't have to come to her actually defending me, but just her presence comforted me, and scared the crap out of two bad guys.

Cat Needham


Hi Megan,

I cannot begin to describe what a wonderful experience my mom and I had meeting you, your trainers, your loyal owners, and most important your incredible Germans Shepherds.  I am not exaggerating when I say that your love of the breed, your commitment to the excellence, and your determination to place each dog with the right home was truly a breath of fresh air.  My mom and I, who are rarely at a loss for words, simply explained to my husband, "You have to experience Megan and her facility to even believe such a place and such dogs exist!"
 Again, thank you for sharing your passion and your dogs with me. I will bring my husband and kids to visit in July when we drop of the check and paperwork, so that everyone can experience Haus Juris and meet the now infamous (at least in our house!) Megan Judge!



Meeting Megan and the folks at Haus Juris has changed our life considerably.  Our new puppy, Durango, has been a joy from the day we held him in our arms.  He is a six-month old calm, friendly, smart and loyal companion.   And of course he’s a very handsome guy and he knows it!   I can’t walk anywhere without being stopped by someone to pet and admire him.  Kloud and Lana sure did something right!  I never met a dog who wants to learn new things every day.  To watch him learn and be trained with new skills is so much fun.  I know my husband and I will have many, many years of happiness living with Durango.  Thanks for giving us our best friend!



German Shepherd Girl