Haus Juris German Shepherds

What to Ask Before Buying a Puppy or Dog

Have both parents been breed surveyed? The breed survey will answer many of your technical question about temperament, trainability, character, endurance and structure. Dogs that are not breed surveyed are NOT being bred under the German Standard. All Haus Juris dogs in the breeding program are breed surveyed.

Has There Been a Breed Value Assesment Done on the Parents?

This is the attempt to describe how an animal will pass characteristics to its progeny. Specifically the introduction of the Zuchtwert evaluation and the publication of this knowledge to support a breeding program for the fight against hip dysplasia. Hereditary transmission (whether improving or weakening) is described to breeders as "value or breed worthiness", and is expressed in the form of a number. An animal bequeathing an "average" value (neither improving nor worsening) has a value of 100. Animals that improve upon this average in the breeding scheme (in HD that would be lowering the incidence in progeny) are given value numbers under 100; animals that magnify or increase the feature will have values over 100. Haus Juris — VA Manto's value of under 75 strongly indicates that his litters will have offspring with good hips and stronger genes to improve the breed.